Chapter 1 – A Qualitative Inquiry Process

Figure 1– a Qualitative Inquiry Process

Qualitative inquiry process

Figure 1 is a simplified representation of some of the activities often used in qualitative inquiry which were also used by the participants in this story. These activities can be used by teachers, administrators, researchers, evaluators, or anyone interested in learning using their natural skills in lived situations. The figure is a simplification, because in reality, all the activities listed are going on simultaneously in the experiences of the inquiring participants.

Assumptions- See Chapter 2: Assumptions

Develop Relationships- See Chapter 4: Inquiry Relationships and Roles 

Ask Questions- See Chapter 6: Questions and Focus

Keep a Record- See Chapter 3: Keeping a Record

Develop A Focus- See Chapter 6: Questions and Focus

Sharing with Others- See Chapter 9: Sharing through Story Telling

Analysis and Synthesis- See Chapter 8: Story Reading through Analysis, Synthesis, and Interpretation

Gather Information- See Chapter 7: Gathering through Observations, Interviews, and Documents

Standards- See Chapter 5: Standards for Judging Qualitative Inquiry

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